Interesting links

With hundreds, maybe thousands of sites covering wargaming in all its aspects, we simply MUST make a selection of links, since it is
impossible to include them all on this page. If anyone feels that his or her link would fit in the list below, please let us know.
We try to select sites covering a particular item of interest or simply with beautiful pictures.

Tom Mouat's "MapSymbs" website (individual)
Philip Dutré's "Frontberichten" (individual)
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp - (Belgian club)
The Heavy Brigade - Wachtebeke - (Belgian club)
Schild en Vriend - (Belgian club)

The Red Barons - Gent (Belgian club)

Conflict Simulations Antwerp - (Belgian club)
Société de la Grande Armée - (club)
Team für Historische Simulationen - (club)
Major General Tremorden Rederrings Colonial-era Wargames page
Les Compagnies d'Ordonnance - (Belgian club)
The Dortmund Amateur Wargamers - (club)
Ed's Hobby Hovel - (individual)
Gisby's Gaming Page - (individual)
By Jingo! - (individual/magazine)
Bob Cordery's Colonial Wargaming Page - (individual)
(another one of) Bob Cordery's CW Page - (individual)
Trevor's Colonial Wargaming Page - (individual)
With Mac Duff on the web - (individual)
The Colonial Angle - (individual)
Being a short discourse on miniature wargaming... - (individual)
The Steam and the Flame - (individual)
Poor benighted 'eathens- (individual)
The Madison Gamers homepage - (club)
You and whose army? - (individual)
Blaze's Corner of the web - (individual)
KwaAndy: introduction to Colonial Wargaming - (individual)
Society of Ancients - (club)
Abingdon Wargames Club - (club)
Acocks Green Guards - (club)
BAD Wargamers - (club)
Naval Wargames - (individual)
Wargames and Wargaming - (individual)
WFHGS - (club)
Wellington Warlords - (club)
Tabletop mit Plastikfiguren - (club)
Tabletop in der Schweiz - (club)
Pete's DBM Ancient Wargamesite - (individual)
The Wargamer's Tavern - (individual)
Miniature Zone - (individual)
DBA Camps by David Kuijt - (individual)
Timeline of the Historical Miniatures Wargaming Hobby
(The Courier)
Murphy's Heroes - (club)
De Witte Ridder - (Belgian club)
British Army Wargames Association - (club)
Rhinedahlen Wargames Club - (club)
Wargames Developments - (club)
Warflag - (FREE wargames flags!)
The Miniature Page - (on line wargames figures magazine)
Felix's Gaming Pages - (individual)
The Empire club - (club)
Fantastic, Mysterious and Adventurous Victoriana (individual)
Victoriana - adventure gaming in a kinder, gentler era (individual)
Victorian gamer (individual - free e-zine)
Alan Hamilton's wargaming web page (individual)
Just another colonial wargames page...(individual)
Blood on the grass (individual)
Morval Earth (individual)
Free wargames rules (individual)
Wargaming World War I (individual)
Sir Garnett's 19th century military history & wargames site (individual)
B.I.C. - (Belgian club)
The Royal Navy from 1789 to 1900 (e-club)
How to build a steamtank (individual)
Valeur et Discipline (individual)
Sir Peter across the globe...(individual)
The US Mogdonazian colonization plan (individual)
Sir Rand McNally's Colonial Page (individual)
Rotten Lead (individual)