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The Germans have only recently started to build their own colonial empire in Afriboria (in Heligoland), but France is also interested in the spoils of this southernmost island of the Dark Continent and have landed a force there to claim the country for their emperor. Thus started "the Franco Prussian War in Heligoland"... Read all about it here.


When you scout the web to become familiar with "wargaming", you will find hundreds of sites (some of which can be explored through the links-section of this one) dealing with this subject. As far as we are concerned, one of the best introductions to the hobby goes back to the very beginning of modern wargaming and can be found on the inside of the cover of the classic book "WARGAMES" by Donald Featherstone, first published in may 1962 by Stanley Paul ltd. It goes like this:
"For centuries battles with model soldiers have been fought by kings and generals for military purposes, and for pleasure by boys from nine to ninety years of age. The model soldier possesses unlimited courage on the wargames table and, ably led by an amateur general with a realistic set of rules, he can win great victories or be magnificent in defeat". "Grand strategy can be practised on maps, complicated tactical manoeuvres attempted on the realistic table-top battlefield, and colourful armies of miniature soldiers can be made to fire accurately, attack forcibly in flank or rear and hold out grimly against vastly superior numbers. Sometimes called "chess with a thousand pieces", wargames can be simple affairs played on the dining room table with a handful of soldiers, or highly complicated battles involving two thousand or more troops fighting to realistic rules on large tables with hills, rivers, woods, villages and even towns with streets, factories and stations".
We feel we have very little to add to this statement, except for the contents of this site. We hope you'll enjoy it.

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