The Afriborian Campaign is situated in an imaginary world that resembles our own planet and its history (roughly 1874-1914), but events that took place in our world might be set at different dates or in different places in the Afriborian world, thus making any resemblance between Afriboria and real history, -people, -events and -places purely a matter of imagination.

The "AFRIBORIAN HERALD" is the campaign gazette of the Afriborian wargame/roleplaying campaign and reports on the events on the Dark Continent.
The rules used for the engagements are "The Sword and the Flame", translated into Flemish as "KLEINE OORLOGEN" (little wars).

***** THE AFRIBORIAN HERALD **** issue 4

Prelude to the siege of Fadi and is John Carroll REALLY an OFM???

Whilst being a prisoner aboard HMS "Stingray", John Carroll enjoyed the ride as much as circumstances permitted; whilst the ship was sailing, he was (apart from an armed guard) free to walk the deck on his own. On the 3'rd day of his stay aboard however he was suddenly locked up below. Soon thereafter the noise of the engines stopped, so he concluded the ship to be at anchor. After what seemed to be a lifetime - but really only lasted untill next morning - the ship was under steam once more. This time John was being kept locked up below. Soon the crew was called to their stations and he could hear the ship's guns being fired. Clearly, the "Stingray" was in action, but who was the enemy...? John wouldn't have to wait long for an answer: shortly after he was no longer alone in his cramped quarters but had to share it with Willie B's officers (see Afriborian Herald #3) who informed him that the rest of the crew of "La Crise" was kept under armed guard on deck... This uncomfortable situation was not to last very long: the next morning "Stingray" anchored off Fort Murabbi and the prisoners were transferred to a British infantry Lieutenant, guarding - with only a handful of men - both the fort and an armored car squadron, the commanding officer of the fort and most of his company being on patrol in the bush. Our infamous arms trader and Willie B's crew were kept under guard in two huts where they were welcomed by yet another two prisoners: former Dutch Lieutenant Jan-Willem Van Der Pijl and his companion Geert Horvers, captured in the act of "cheese-running" to the Suidkolonie. Carroll knew he had to act swiftly: as soon as the garrison returned, escape would be impossible and all prisoners would be transferred to one of HM Colonial Prisons. Not a prospect to look forward to...

The scene is set: aerial view of Fort Murabbi, shortly before the arrival of HMS "Stingray". On the left: the huts that served as prison with the truck loaded with arms and ammo and one of the armored cars. A dhow is anchored nearby on the river. The second armored car and the army staff car are close to the commanding officer's tent.
After a short council of war with Willie B's crew and the two Dutchmen, John Carrol (familiar with the region) was placed in overall command to lead a desperate breakout. The unfortunate askaris guarding the huts were swiftly overwhelmed and both the armored car and the truck parked closeby the huts were taken. Much to the delight of the escapees the truck was loaded with arms and ammo! Things suddenly looked much brighter: at least they now had the means to deal with the rest of the askaris.
John Carrol (right) leading Willie B's personal body guard of Afro-Carribians after taking one of HM's armored cars.
Boatswain Richard "Dandy" Vernelen (right), Eddy "the Lawyer" (centre) and Wim "Muscles" Van den Berghe (left) have secured the truck loaded with arms and ammo.
Now fully armed, Jan-Willem Van Der Pijl
(front centre) leads part of Willie B's crew in the assault on the fort.
Without further delay, the fortress was stormed and swiftly secured. Most of the askaris were taken off guard and their unfortunate officer (asleep in his tent) could barely escape with a few of his men, the company's staff car and the second armored car. However, his sergeant succeeded in transmitting a message to the nearby town of Fadi prior to the telegraph lines being cut by the assailants... Carroll and his newfound army were not in the clear yet!
The bewildered askaris hastily man the defences.
John Carrol securing the fort's main building.
The remnants of the garisson pulling out.

William "Bill" Armintrout.



As soon as the news of the taking of Fort Murabbi reached Lord Hamilton's HQ, William "Bill" Armintrout, editor in chief of the Afriborian Herald, tried to get hold of his Lordship for an interview, but had to settle for the spokesman of the Viceroy, mr N. Sedaka.
When asked his opinion about John Carroll and his successful escape mr Sedaka's comments were: "Oh, Carroll; he ain't but a fooool !!! He's just an OFM!" When asked by Bill what exactly an "OFM" was (?), the answer came swift: "an Overrated F....n Moron!!!". Seems the office of Lord Hamilton is more than a little upset by these events. To be continued....
The "heroes of the day" - working together with Willie B's crew - (left to right): John Carroll (now proudly bearing the nickname "OFM"), Jan-Willem Van Der Pijl and Geert Horvers. We already know why John had been taken prisoner by the British, but Jan-Willem and Geert: that's a different story... Geert Horvers is the son of a Dutch farmer, specializing in dairy products. Unfortunately, his elder brother Gus has nearly bankrupted the family business by spending a lot of money in the nearby town, sponsoring ladies of ill repute... Things were so bad that the locals even made a song about it "Gus kom naar hus..." ("Gus, please come back home..."). Desperate for money, Geert was convinced by his old friend Jan-Willem (former Dutch Navy Lieutenant and now Afriborian adventurer) that a lot of money was to be made by smuggling cheese to the Suid-Kolonie, where the population (mostly of Dutch stock) simply loves Dutch cheese. However, since the government of the Suid-Kolonie wants to protect local farming, import is forbidden; hence the "cheeserunners". Unfortunately - on their first voyage - the two friends were caught by HM Colonial Police and taken prisoner. A career as freebooters might perhaps prove more succesful...