the books shown in the pictures are selected from the author's library.

The books shown below are all classics, but they can still be very much of interest to novices, since they nearly all date from a period when wargaming was a small hobby, unknown to the general public and the authors therefor explain in a often simple but detailed way and with great enthusiasm the origins and mechanics of their hobby. You will have to shop around to find copies of these books: probably a hard nut to crack, but by no means impossible. Wargaming as a hobby has grown considerably over the last twenty years and more recent games & rules therefor take it for granted that the gamer is familiar with wargames in general. If this is not the case, these books will prove very helpfull indeed.

"NAPOLEON'S CAMPAIGNS IN MINIATURE" by Bruce Quarrie. This book (and the rules in it) have been a Bible to many wargamers (and probably still is).
(PSL ltd 1977 - b&w 192 pages).

"NAPOLEON'S CAMPAIGNS IN MINIATURE" by Bruce Quarrie. Second edition of the book on the left
(PSL ltd 1982 - b&w 192 pages).

"NAPOLEONIC WARGAMING" by Charles Grant. Rules & introduction, beautifully illustrated with magnificent color photos.
(Argus Books ltd 1974 - 160 pages).

"NAPOLEONIC WARGAMING FOR FUN" by Paddy Griffith. Introduction and rules on different levels: skirmish, divisional, brigade, army & generalship.
(Ward Lock ltd 1980 - b&w 128 pages).
"THE NAPOLEONIC WARGAME" by G.W. Jeffrey. Rules explained in detail. Very nice color photographs.
(Almark ltd 1974 - color 88 pages).

"WITH PIKE AND MUSKET" by C.F. Wesencraft. Introduction to and rules for English Civil War Gaming.
(The Elmfield Press 1975 - b&w 192 pages).

"DISCOVERING ENGLISH CIVIL WARGAMING". Small booklet about wargaming in the ECW.
(Shire pubs. 1973 - b&w 48 pages).
"SETTING UP A WARGAMES CAMPAIGN" by Tony Bath. Mother of all Ancient campaigning.
(WRG Pubs. 1978 - b&w 79 pages).
"WARGAMES" by David Nash. Small booklet offering an introduction to all periods.
(Hamlyn 1974 - color 128 pages).

"POITIERS 1356" (Knight's battles for wargamers) by Don Featherstone. Wargame-analysis.
(C. Knight 1972 - b&w 64 pages).
"SARATOGA 1777 " (Knight's battles for wargamers) by John Sweetman. Wargame-analysis.
(C. Knight 1971 - b&w 67 pages).
"BORODINO 1812" (Knight's battles for wargamers) by E.R. Holmes.
(C. Knight 1971 - b&w 69 pages).

"THE ALMA 1854" (Knight's battles for wargamers) by Henry Harris.
(C. Knight 1971 - b&w 65 pages).

"FIRST BULL RUN 1861" (Knight's battles for wargamers) by Peter Davis & H. John Cooper.
(C. Knight 1971 - b&w 96pages).
"CHANCELORSVILLE 1863 " (Knight's battles for wargamers) by H. John Cooper.
(C. Knight 1972 - b&w 101pages).