The Afriborian Campaign is situated in an imaginary world that resembles our own planet and it's history (roughly 1874-1914), but events that took place in our world might be set at different dates or in different places in the Afriborian world, thus making any resemblance between Afriboria and real history, -people, -events and -places purely a matter of imagination.

The Regions of the Upper and Lower Nile are situated in the north of Afriboria and are protectorates of the British crown, forming - together with Indistan - British controlled Afriboria. Indistan however is a true colony, reigned by a viceroy (Lord Alan Hamilton) who is also the Lord Protector of the Nile Regions and thus the most powerful European in Afriboria. The capital of the Nile Regions is Cairo, seat of the British government of the Nile. The Army of the Nile is composed of both regular and irregular native units (called "Egyptians", "Sudanese" or "Arabs" as the people of the different Nile Regions are known). Although Lord Hamilton (with the rank of Fieldmarshall) is nominally the Commander in Chief of all British (land)forces in Afriboria, there are several high ranking officers who are in command of both native and British armies. These different commands are coordinated by a Chief-of-Staff: Lieutenant General Thomas N. Mouat. Lord Hamilton is a capable administrator and a commander who knows how to delegate, although he is not always in agreement with his subordinates' descissions...
Lord Alan Hamilton (in khaki, which he despises) and Brigadier Tim Stapleton, CO of the Army of the Nile
(in Egyptian winter uniform, here without beard).
(28mm figures by Foundry)

Both Mouat and Cordery are part of an officer's club by the name of "Wargames Developments", always testing out new tactics by means of miniature armies. They are also great advocates of the new khaki uniform, despised by Lord Hamilton who loves the traditional scarlet. "This khaki stuff makes us look like prison officers" he often grumbles. Fortunately for him, most British units in Afriboria are still wearing their old gear! Lord Hamilton's mother - Lady Hamilton - known as "the Lonely Queen of the North" (and daughter of THE Lady Hamilton) lives in Cairo and is (or at least tries to be) of major influence to her son. No wonder Lord Hamilton so often takes part in a military campaign or goes on hunting trips with his best friend Binky! The Army of the Nile is commanded by Brigadier Tim Stapleton, a capable officer who knows how to deal with his native soldiers and how to gain their respect. The Army of the Nile has no regular cavalry but a Camel Corps instead (mounted infantry). All true AotN cavalry consists of irregular tribesmen.

Major General Robert Cordery, CiC of the British Forces in Afriboria, and CoS Lieutenant General Thomas N. Mouat, wielding the sword of his uncle, Surgeon-General Sir James Mouat, winner of a VC in the Crimea.
(28mm figure by Foundry)

"Sudanese" infantry with Egyptian and British officers, forming a line in front of one of the pyramids.

(25mm figures by Minifigs)
Egyptian infantry in summer dress, supported by a machinegun, on excersise.
(25mm figures by Minifigs)
Egyptian Camel Corps troopers passing a sphinx.

(25mm figures by Minifigs)
Camel Corps (British) NCO's getting used to their mounts.
(25mm figures by Minifigs)
Irregular (Arab) mounted lancers of the Army of the Nile on patrol.
(25mm figures by Minifigs)