The Afriborian Campaign is situated in an imaginary world that resembles our own planet and it's history (roughly 1874-1914), but events that took place in our world might be set at different dates or in different places in the Afriborian world, thus making any resemblance between Afriboria and real history, -people, -events and -places purely a matter of imagination.

The vast jungles of Afriboria, known as "the Congo" (Bangale, Irundi & Uranga) are without any doubt amongst the most dangerous regions of the continent. Apart from wild animals, one of the main reasons few explorers ever returned from their visits to that area are the "Masked Warriors of the Congo"....
Not a nation (like e.g. the Zulus), but rather a confederation of tribes with a common culture and religion, the roots of the Masked Warriors are shrowded in myth and legend. The story goes that, many thousands of years ago, the Congo region was ruled by a mighty race of highly advanced fair-skinned people, regarded by the black natives as true gods. These "white masters" enslaved the locals and ruled the land from their mighty city-states where many thousands of them lived in luxury, provided for by their black servants. These vast towns consisted entirely of wooden structures, with the exception of the main buildings in each city: a stone temple (see picture below) and the royal palace.
All went well untill a mysterious disease infected the white people, decimating their numbers. Strangely enough, the black natives proved to be immune to this silent killer, so in order to safeguard their interests, the white rulers started to stiffen their armies with legions of native warriors, fanatically faithful to the state religion and wearing fearsome masks in battle. Eventually, the entire white population was wiped out by the disease, but their Masked Legions continued to fulfill their duties, guarding the cities and defending the land, awaiting the return of their masters. In the end, the wooden cities were claimed back by the jungle and only the stone palaces and temples remained, untouched by time. The number of Masked Warriors also declined and - in order to defend their holy places - they became semi-nomadic, living in tentlike dwellings (not unlike North-American teepees). Their camps are located near the ancient structures.

As stated above, all this was proclaimed myth and legend, untill - recently - the famous archeologist professor R. Norton ("Rick" to his friends, "Dicky" to the ladies), an authority on small-scale artifacts (28mm and smaller), succeeded in locating one of the Masked Warriors' temples and made it back to the civilised world to tell the tale. He had only been able to observe the structure from a distance, so he could not confirm if there is any truth in the tales that these temples (and palaces - still to be located) contain vast treasures of gold, diamonds and artifacts. No doubt this new discovery will attract many adventurers...

Picture on the right: Prof. R. Norton, known as "the Perfesser".