The Afriborian Campaign is situated in an imaginary world that resembles our own planet and it's history (roughly 1874-1914), but events that took place in our world might be set at different dates or in different places in the Afriborian world, thus making any resemblance between Afriboria and real history, -people, -events and -places purely a matter of imagination.

Prior to the German Unification and the Franco-Prussian War, Germany (or rather Prussia at that time) had shown very little interest in Afriboria and took only in name care of its protectorate Heligoland, mainly in order to belong to the "club of 3" (major European powers) that signed the Treaty of Lisboa in 1820. No wonder, since the isle of Heligoland had little to offer to a colonising power apart from green plains, a barren mountain range and a few natural harbours. It was in the northernmost bay of the island that - in the 1820's - the Prussians (rather reluctantly) founded the town of Kaisersheim. Kaisersheim was in those days - and up to very recently - more an earthenwork fortress with wooden barracks than a proper town and, apart from the troops, the only civilians who lived there were those one usually finds in and around garisson towns. Very little attempts were made to control the whole of the island, and thus the southern bays continued to serve as slavers' and pirate's nests. However - after defeating France - the new Germany decided it was time to become a true colonial power and a flotilla of warships arrived in Kaisersheim to deal with the wolves of the sea. A few regular infantry units and a battery of heavy guns (under command of Major Markus Mintz) were brought ashore. The rest of the force sailed south to confront the enemy. The freebooters had anticipated the attack and the German flotilla was barely out of sight or the piratefleet attacked Kaisersheim, bombarding the town and landing in force. One of the first broadsides of their flagship hit the town's ammo depot, destroying it completely, killing half the German garrison and the commanding Oberst (Colonel) in the process. The pirates (under a flag of truce) then urged Major Markus Mintz (now the highest ranking officer, but out of ammo for his guns) to surrender the town. His (very short) answer was: " Nüsse! " ("nuts!"), followed by a salvo of coconuts (serving as shell) from his battery. For 5 days the pirates fiercely besieged Kaisersheim. The town held out heroicly under the inspiring leadership of Major Mintz and Hauptman Ken von Hafer of the Seebatallion and thanks to the coconut ammo.
Hauptman Ken von Hafer of the Seebatallion
during the siege of Kaisersheim.
(28mm figure by West Wind, gun: toy conversion)

On the fifth day, the German vessels returned and the pirate ships were blown out of the water. The German Admiral promptly promoted Mintz to Oberst and Governor General of Heligoland. The Admiral and his fleet returned to Germany, leaving two cruisers and some smaller craft to patrol the waters around the island. From that day on no foreigners were allowed within 5 miles of Heligoland's shores, so very little is known about the island. However, it is said that Kaisersheim meanwhile has grown into a modern fortress and that (by now General ) Markus Mintz commands a full division (half "regular" German units, half Schutztruppen). The regulars are commanded by Oberst Leonard von Kriser, whilst the growing number of Schutztruppen are the responsability of Oberst Ken von Hafer. Now, we all know about German organisation and punctuality, but isn't this build-up of forces an over-reaction to a possible threath of a mere band of pirates? Or... is there more behind the splendid German forces in Heligoland? Time will learn...

General Wilhelm Ohnewürstchen, commanding officer of the regular line & guard units in Heligoland.
(28mm figure by Warrior)
Military Governor Markus Mintz (left) and Ohnewürtschen's secretary, Major Grosslaweitt (right).
(28mm figures by Renegade)
Heligoland: German line batallion (private & officer)
with covered pickelhaube.
(28mm figures by Renegade)
Heligoland: Württemberger line batallion
(officer & private).
(28mm figures by West Wind)


The German Guards are the only units to always carry "full kit" with them on campaign. When called on parade, they might be ordered to wear any possible outfit. When the first Guards arrived in Kaisersheim, they were told to carry their steel trenchmasks on parading for the Governor General. The crowd of natives witnessing their arrival panicked by the sight of the "Iron Masks" (evil Afriborian spirits). Leonard von Kriser, the Guards' commander, quickly realised the psychological value of the outfit and ordered Guard units always to wear their trench masks on campaign in Afriboria, thus often demoralising the superstitious native opponents on sight.

Heligoland: German Guard batallion (private & officer)
(28mm figures by Warrior - Over the Wire)